Current Projects

CHILDREN OF TOKUA (YA, Sci-Fi, Completed):

An avid martial arts fan, sixteen-year-old Zackaria accepts an invitation to watch human challengers fight androids at an underground battle arena. She expects to have the time of her life, but she never thought she’d end up becoming a challenger in the ring herself. Cornered by two androids intent on liberating her head, she unconsciously awakens a 200-year-old warrior called Ahra within her mind. Zackaria borrows the warrior’s god-like fighting skills and crushes her opponents. But Arah, an entity bound to Zackaria since her birth, is a malevolent force that inflicts fear in the minds of anyone who locks eyes with Zackaria and desires permanent control of her body.

Arah’s rousing makes Zackaria the target of two intergalactic, warring empires that seek to use or destroy her. The supreme minster of the first empire sends agents to shadow Zackaria while the empress of the second sends a bounty hunter after her. The mercenary kidnaps her sister to lure her into a death trap.

Nearly blinded by rage and eager to rescue her sister, Zackaria must decide whether to risk control of her body by borrowing Arah’s superior fighting abilities again. The agents shadowing her step out and offer to help her control Arah in exchange for swearing her loyalty to their empire. Zackaria learns her choices have far deadlier consequences than she could have ever imagined when she learns of Arah’s true intentions—plans that may put the lives of billions across the universe in jeopardy.

CHILDREN OF TOKUA is a story about one girl trying to save the people she loves and set herself free without losing her humanity along the way.



Bored by her family and friends, sixteen-year-old November Brice spends most of her afternoons and weekends with an eccentric elderly woman called Isabelle “Izzy” Volkov or Lady Izzy. Things change when Lady Izzy tells November she’s dying and will give her a special gift before she leaves: her memories. Using the latest technology in memory extraction called the Campus Probe, Lady Izzy escorts November back in time to when she was a sixteen-year-old herself and chasing the dream of becoming the biggest musical act with her band, The Pistol Stars. Lady Izzy’s past is a world of passion, love, lost and pain with friendships stronger than family ties, intoxicating, doomed romance, and music so magnetic that it makes any soul soar. Fully immersed in Lady Izzy’s adventures, November soon loses interests in her studies, friends, and family and desires to live in the crazy and fast life of the The Pistol Stars—in Lady Izzy’s memories—forever. The only person who can possibly bring November back to living in the present is the dying Lady Izzy. But will she?

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