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Let Me Live Near the Beach

beach fron paradise

Let me live near the beach
Where I can cleanse away my sorrows
Let me live near the beach
So I can always hear the song of the waters
Let me live near the beach
Where I can heal all of my pain
Let me live near the beach
So I can behold majestic beauty
Let me live near the beach
And I will forever be happy, grateful, and at peace.

beach front living room 1


my condo in san diego 1

sd condo 2

sd condo 3

sd condo 4

seaside living room

Forget What You Heard

Be reborn

Forget What You Heard

They handed me a picture

And I looked at it and frowned

My heart dropped so fast

Thoughts running around

‘Bout this girl and her hair,

Falling down her shoulders

With her eyes so big

And her smile so bright,

You’d think they would’ve known her

But they never do

That’s just how they do it in Oz

No pause

To hear

To see

To feel

‘Cause they do it like they want to

Taking everything from you

They talk like they’re blind

But these sharpshooters

They always aim so high

With their targets on your back

Before they pull the trigger, you better figure

Are you slave, are you fighter

Are you sleeping, are you sowing

‘Cause she knew who she was

A girl in a costume, ‘bout ready to lose her mind

Straddling three to four worlds, no peace in them to find

That hair was not a crown, but the mark of the beast

With 66 names, one name for each stab

That they left up on her back

They walked all around her, walking on by

On the day that she died, alone on the ground

Murdered by the insight of the darkness within

Cornered by their dogma that had finally closed in

Killing whatever heaven she wished she could’ve built

So I’m telling you now, forget what you heard

You don’t know the story

If you got it from them

These lies don’t make it better

These secrets are what had killed her

This girl in this picture with the note on the back

“Born in ‘87, Dead at 27.”

Pride in a Cradle


I’m all out of oxygen

For ways out of fixing them

Come on out and tell me then

How they burned this heart

To a crisp



With no promise of glitz

A victim of second hands ticking sideways

After first hands offered up closed fists

Time bombs, all of them

Don’t let me see you out of college then

But to hell with the nodding man

Cause here I am with my own clan

Black hoodies, sipping tea

Tofu lickers, you and me

Little simple mushroom clouds

These fungi eat up the tree

Decorated with broken veins

But separated from hollow claims

And I’m all out of oxygen

For ways out of fixing them

Come on out and tell me then

How they burn themselves

Unfinished Business

They taught me to hate you

Before I knew hate’s sting

Although the letters were few

This schooling was the first thing

Written in shame

Carved in my brain

Wired to point


And cause pain

But you smiled back

And waited through my tears

For the surface to crack

And give up all my fears

Manufactured since my birth

With their guns aimed at my worth

All these little toy soldiers

Weighing down on my shoulders

Wound up so tight

Sapping up




But before I was too far gone

And almost trapped in this con

You made it plain

You brought me out

Showing me what was right

Curing me of this blight

This hate that masquerades as sane

And proclaims that we’re all the same

They fix it up

Serve us a cup

And they watch while we all die

Giving birth to new poison

Too late to get an abortion

Afraid to cause a commotion


And yet you stayed there with me

Suffering long nights with me

When I cradled my head in my hands

Looking out for ways to be free

From all of these ghosts and their plans

From all of their cages and blind fans


I searched for the love they tried to make cheap

The love standing out from all these damn sheep

With my eyes set outward, I looked the wrong way

But when I went inward, it was a good day

The eyes, the lips, the hair, the skin

The things of me they kept at bay

I found these all in you and more

Even though you weren’t known as kin


You’re the love they taught me to kill

You teach me to never give in

Never forget

And someday you’ll help me forgive