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The Secret to Making Your Dreams Come True Revealed!

When I was in the third grade, my teacher gave us an assignment in which we had to use the week’s spelling words to create a story. I wrote about a detective bunny rabbit that solved a very difficult case. I enjoyed the assignment tremendously and had a fun time making up the story.

I’ve got a mystery to solve!

The next day, while I was chatting with my friend during our snack break, my teacher, Ms. Bess, a very kind petite woman with long blond hair, called for everyone’s attention. Her next words would change my life forever. She said, “Everyone, listen to Carla’s story!”

I jumped at the mention of my name and my heart kept beating faster and faster as Ms. Bess read my story to the whole class. My classmates all clapped for me at the end and told me how much they liked it. I was elated and couldn’t wait to get home to tell my parents. My older cousin was visiting that day and she, along with my folks, complimented me.

It was one of the happiest days of my childhood.

OMG, you loved my story! Waaaah, so cool!

From then on, I set out to write more stories and read more books. I devoured the written word, allowing myself to be transported to different worlds while envying the power of these authors to share their stories and stir up so many different emotions inside of me. I wanted to be a writer. An author. A creator of worlds. It was my dream to share my stories with as many people as possible.

There is power in the pages of books.

At thirteen, hungry for powerful female characters, I embarked on the journey of writing my first novel. I called the book The Fusion Girls, a tale of three remarkable sisters who possessed a dangerous power capable of saving the world from an intergalactic threat. The title of my book changed from the Fusion Girls to the Elementals to The Daughters of Destiny to Truth and Destiny and then finally to Children of Tokua.

The story followed me throughout the rest of my adolescence and onwards to college to graduate school and now to my late twenties. It has changed so much since its conception that I’m not even sure how many times I’ve rewritten it while keeping the same core theme. The book has grown with me, reflecting my changes in attitudes, philosophies, and perspectives in life. What began as the dream of a thirteen-year-old tomboy had become one of the defining features of my life.

I call it passion, but I wouldn’t judge others who would call it insanity.

Set your imagination free.

I am in the final stages of closing this incredible chapter in my life. Although the characters are creations of my imagination, they have become something more, taking on lives of their own a long time ago.

They are my children, my siblings, and my friends—tenants forever taking up space in my head.

So, what is the secret to making dreams come true?

2 Things: Tenacity and a willingness to change.

These two cannot be underestimated nor ignored. If you really want to see your dreams come true, you must persevere against all odds, frustrations, negativity, rejections, and failures. Most of all you must face yourself, which is oftentimes your biggest enemy.

But none of that means anything if you aren’t willing to be flexible and change to find out what works and what doesn’t. It pays to be humble and acknowledge your mistakes, to learn from your failures and listen to wise counsel. With that you can move forward intelligently while believing that victory is yours. Because if you have tenacity and a willingness to adapt, you can accomplish anything. Anything.

Keep going, but keep going intelligently.

It’s been almost fifteen years since I first started writing with the hopes of becoming published. I’ve made a lot of mistakes along the way, but I’ve learned so much and know how to move forward now. It’s only a matter of time before my dream is a reality. And when it is, you’ll be the first to know.

What about you? What do you think is the secret to making dreams come true? I’d love to hear your response!

Stay amazing,


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it’s the small things

it’s the small things God does. it really is. air. water. a tasty meal made by a loved one. shelter. family. friends. a best friend, the kind who understands and accepts your craziness. acceptance. a smile from a stranger. a bit of good news. a burst of laughter from deep within the soul that makes a tear stream. a hug. interlocked fingers. a kiss. a message of care. a song. and that good kind of sadness. the tug of hope. and also a random act of kindness. the smell of someone baking brownies, cake, or an apple pie. a brief and meaningful connection that will probably never be seen again. the end of a long day. a sigh of relief. a photograph that takes you back to a happy day. the wind. the snow. the rain. bare feet. no pants. taking off your bra. a warm bed. a good book. a cup of tea. holding a baby. scratching a dog’s ears. letting a cat sit on your lap. an unexpected surprise. squeals of joy. seeing a new country for the first time. meeting a you from  another mother. the beach. mountains. a group photo. singing until six in the morning. dancing until you drop. waking up to the sun on your face. and taking the time to appreciate it all. the small things.

Everybody’s Free to Wear Sunscreen

One day I asked my facebook friends what advice they would give to their younger self. A good friend of mine posted this as a response. It’s not an exaggeration to say that this video moved me to tears. Although we have to deal with a lot of ugliness, pain, and loss, life really is beautiful and there’s so much we can learn–such as how to love more and look beyond the pain. I hope you this video moves you as it did me. Stay amazing.