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C.S. Severe aka Sammy is a relatively chill person yet is susceptible to frequent attacks of hyperactivity and bursts of passion. Don’t be disturbed. She’s a writer and an aspiring science fiction and fantasy author. Yes, that explains all the weirdness. She spends too much of her free time thinking of her characters, how to improve her craft, and the stories she wants to write. Sometimes you’ll find her talking out the scenes in her books or mimicking the action of her characters. Totally normal. Outside of her writerly universe, Sammy enjoys reading, discussing politics and social justice a little too much, and finding new ways to scare herself silly. Purging suffering from her life and that of others is one of her goals. She hopes to inspire people to make their dreams come true without having to obey the voices that constantly say no. It’s her desire to help more and more people feel safe, fulfilled, and brave.

Someone once told Sammy the whole world is her garden. She is making this come true.

On her blog, you’ll find personal stories, articles on self-development and self-discovery, words of encouragement, and hopefully more book reviews.

Want to interview Sammy or invite her to write a guest blog post? Contact her at cssdoitwell@gmail.com or leave a comment below with your deets!

Special note to other websites and blogs:

Sammy works hard to create the original content on this blog. Please do not republish any content without her permission first. However, feel free to quote her as long as you cite her name or include a direct link to her website. She appreciates your respect and value for her work.

4 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Didn’t you have a Blogspot blog? I saw you recently subscribed to my blog, so I wanted to check out your site – I’ve read you before 🙂

    I like how your dreams are about self-fulfillment AND social benefit. I think your idea for the after school program for teens is brilliant. Where I lived before, I noticed that that the city’s programs only accepted kids up to age 13. That concerned me because yes, they are old enough to care for themselves after school, but that’s also an age where trouble can easily by found.


  2. Hi Janna! Yes, I did have a blogspot but I switched to wordpress! Sorry it took me an eternity to reply. I miss blogging so much and I’m trying to get back on the horse I fell off from those many months ago. 🙂

    Thank you for your words and I agree with you about teens. I believe teenagers want to be engaged because they’re at an age where confusion and self-doubt abounds. If they can have a safe space to discuss things pertinent to them while being challenged to think beyond their own world, then it’ll definitely benefit them in the long run. We’ll see!


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