Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, folks! 🙂

Beginnings are filled with so much hope and promise. There’s always that strong desire to be better, smarter, happier, and more successful than before. Sometimes the change we want doesn’t come as we hope it would, but it’s still worth it to keep trying to change. Hard work is everything. That’s what i’ve learned from 2014 and will bring it with me into 2015 as I attempt once more to make my publishing dreams come true. I will get an agent. I will be published. I will hold my novel in my hands. I will see this day, no ifs or buts about it. This will be reality. I’m sending it out there into the universe for it to happen as I do my part–writing, editing, revising, and querying my butt off. Dreams come true. I’ll make it. And you will too in whatever dream you have. 🙂

Stay Amazing,


Never give up hope.

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