Keep the Momentum Going

I have a new story idea, and it has set my imagination rolling again in so many directions. The world is building itself in my mind in no coherent fashion, but still marvelous, impatient, and aching to be complete and functional. It wants to split my head open so it can be born and capture the world’s attention with its intensity. The characters’ personalities are unique pieces of clay, molding into who they need to be with bumps, flaws, and eccentricities galore. The scenes play rapidly before my eyes and run into each other. The ending plays the dominant reel. I always have the ending first. It tells me where to go.

I’m writing a young adult novel about bands, music, dreams, lost, failure, success, love, drugs, death, and everything in between. And pain. It hurts but it’s the most important ingredient of life. The music never stops playing and the characters never stop singing, hoping, and dreaming for something better, bigger, and brighter. Bright eyes, all of them. The light of their optimism shines bright enough to blind adults and make them remember for one moment that dreams can indeed come true when encouraged by the right spirit. Oh, and what spirit do these young folks have.

I’m using a two person POV because both stories are relevant and the way they intertwine enhances the poignancy of the other. The voices are fast, musical, and filled with the impatience of their youth. I have a feeling I’m going to fall in love with these characters as I did with my previous book.

I just need to keep the momentum going. I’m shooting for 55,000 words and hope to be done in 36 days. Let’s see if I can make this come true.

How about you? Have any projects that you’re doing that you hope to get done soon? Would love to hear your thoughts.

Stay amazing,


one of the main characters dresses in gothic lolita inspired clothes
one of the main characters dresses up in gothic lolita inspired clothes

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