The Story of Teeny and Babby: The Shelf

There once was a doll, lovely, short, and pink. She called herself Teeny and lived on a shelf. Teeny always sat on the shelf and looked through her big blue eyes at the world around her—a world so familiar that it had grown weary and gray. Teeny sighed often and wished she could get off that shelf and see a whole new world. But it was impossible for Teeny. The shelf was very high and the new world was so far far away. Teeny believe she would never leave and this made her cry tears so big that her whole face became pinker and wet. Someone heard Teeny cry. It was the miniature picnic basket that contained four sweets, making this basket, called Babby, the sweetest thing on Teeny’s shelf, maybe her whole world. Babby asked Teeny why she was crying.

Teeny said, “I want to leave this world, but it’s impossible.”

Babby looked down. “It’s true. It’s a big jump down and an even longer way out the door toward the new world. But I want to go too. So let’s go!”

“How?” Teeny asked.

Babby came close to Teeny and rubbed its square head on her arm. “We jump of course.”

“But we’ll break!”

“Don’t worry, we won’t break. Believe.”

Teen looked down and felt very afraid, but she wanted to go. She nodded her head. “We jump.”

So Teeny and Babby jumped off the shelf, way down to the ground. Teeny was okay, but Babby was broken open and all the sweets spilled out of him.

“Babby! Babby! Are you okay?”

Babby groaned. “Of course I’m not okay, you fool! Don’t you see I’m broken? This is all your fault. Get away from me you ugly, stupid doll! I’ll never be whole again.”

Babby’s words hurt Teeny’s heart, but she didn’t cry. She knew it was because he had lost all his sweetness. Teeny picked up the sweets and put them back in Babby’s basket. She shut him close.

“Babby, are you okay now?”

Babby turned left and turned right, then he looked down at his sweets. “You put them all wrong inside of me, but that’s okay. Let’s go see the new world!”

Teeny smiled. “Yes, let’s go.”

So Teeny and Babby ventured out of the room toward the new world. They stopped at the stairs.

Teeny sighed. “How far can we go?”


‘The end?

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