250 Words of Encouragement #5

It’s going to be okay. No need to feel broken and separated from everyone else. It’s no longer necessary to find escape through deep sleep.  You can find peace here. It is waiting for you in your heart. You can find healing for your mind, body, and soul. You can find it now. It’s not hidden someplace far beyond your reach or calling to you from in inaccessible planes. It’s here. It has always been here. You simply forgot or didn’t believe. Your peace. Let it massage your tired muscles, calm your heart, and help you breathe anew. It will awaken your mind and replace your dulled senses with the alertness of creative energy, bursting with power and amazingness. Unleash the inhibition chained to the logical spaces of your mind. You don’t need it. Let go of control. Let go of unspiritual needs of what they say will bring you happiness. Create happiness in this moment now. This moment loves you and will give you sweet kisses of joy, pure and refreshing. You will forget what once hurt your mind, your pride, and hope. Put it in the past and go forth with a new voice, a new song, waiting inside to be sung for all to hear. I want to hear your new voice, your new song deep within the caverns where you keep them all hidden. I’m waiting for you. Don’t keep me waiting long. I am happiness. I am joy. I am fulfillment.

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