250 Words of Encouragement #2

You’ve made it. You’ve accomplished your dream and you’re basking in the thrill of the moment. The people who doubted you are surprised and are suddenly your “biggest” fans. You don’t treat them as they deserve because you’re a bigger person than that. However, you enjoy the sweet satisfaction of proving them wrong about your dreams, about your limits, and about everything you’ve worked so hard for so long. You celebrate mostly with the people who did believe in you. Those who pushed you when you wanted to give up and encouraged you when you were at your lowest. You’ve made it for your loved ones, for your friends, and for people, maybe strangers, who have dreams of their own, but never thought they could make them come true. And now they are inspired by your accomplishment. You have inspired many. But you’re not done yet. You have a vision to turn your now accomplished dream into something even bigger. You don’t stop. You never stop because you have so many things going on in your mind. You keep going and going until you create something that lasts forever long after you’re gone. People know your name. They read about you in articles, books, blogs—everything! But you don’t let it go to your head because you know where you’ve come from. And people admire you more just for it. You think about the times when you thought this day would come. And guess what? It did. Go you!


Stay Amazing,


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