250 Words of Encouragement #1

Whatever big project you’re working on, keep it going. Don’t worry about the outcome. Don’t worry about how you can make it happen. Don’t worry about the people who don’t believe in you—ignore their snarky remarks, put downs, poisons of doubts and head shaking. As long as you don’t abandon your responsibilities, just keep yourself focused on the present and never give up. Stay in the process. Stay in the present. Don’t let yourself get lost in past failures or in the uncertainty of the future. Your worries can’t make things better. Worrying will most likely make things worse as it convinces you to give up and give in to your worst fears. Our brains are always coming up with crazy scenarios of failure and pain that will never come true. You know the hard work you need to do, so get to it. Don’t let complacency set it. Don’t let the distractions steal your time and ultimately your dreams. If you’re waiting for someone to rescue you, it’s not going to happen. Be your own superhero, your own rescuer. Make the hard decisions and seek people who will help you build your dreams rather than tear you down. If you need to get away from the negative people, then get away, at all costs. They’ll only drag you down to the graves of dreams that they have killed. Don’t kill your dreams. Feed them instead. Nurture them. Take care of them. Be brave.



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