it’s the small things

it’s the small things God does. it really is. air. water. a tasty meal made by a loved one. shelter. family. friends. a best friend, the kind who understands and accepts your craziness. acceptance. a smile from a stranger. a bit of good news. a burst of laughter from deep within the soul that makes a tear stream. a hug. interlocked fingers. a kiss. a message of care. a song. and that good kind of sadness. the tug of hope. and also a random act of kindness. the smell of someone baking brownies, cake, or an apple pie. a brief and meaningful connection that will probably never be seen again. the end of a long day. a sigh of relief. a photograph that takes you back to a happy day. the wind. the snow. the rain. bare feet. no pants. taking off your bra. a warm bed. a good book. a cup of tea. holding a baby. scratching a dog’s ears. letting a cat sit on your lap. an unexpected surprise. squeals of joy. seeing a new country for the first time. meeting a you from  another mother. the beach. mountains. a group photo. singing until six in the morning. dancing until you drop. waking up to the sun on your face. and taking the time to appreciate it all. the small things.

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