A Brief Word of Encouragement

When you’re fighting for your dreams, you have these really bad days where you doubt yourself and think that you’re an idiot for chasing what many call a folly. Negative words drip one by one and float around your head like ghosts haunting you. Loser. Stupid. Mess. Alone. Useless. Shut-in. Crazy. Irrational. Mindless dreamer.  And you internalize all these words and feel compelled to give up and become one of the masses. To join the fold of regular people who are making an effort to survive in this harsh world of ours. But that’s not you. Much respect and power to the hard-working people of the world who labor and toil to make a living, but that’s not you. You don’t want to work for someone; you want to build your own project, your own company, your own brand, your own empire. And it takes vision, sweat, ridicule, and moments like these where a dense fog of crushing self-doubt obscures everything you once could see clearly. Don’t relent to that fog. Don’t give in to the self-doubt and abandon the dream that means the world to you. The dream that is the world to you. This is where you live. It’s where you work. It’s where you feel most like yourself. So, don’t give in. It’s okay. The darker the days, the closer you are to the light. Don’t forget. It’s always the darkest before the dawn. And you’re never alone.

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