How I Stopped Stressing About Everything and Just Let It Be

Happy Friday!

Sometimes it’s enough to be thankful that we exist. How? Just try to take the focus off of ourselves. The more focused we are on ourselves, the more discouraged we become because we pick apart all that’s wrong or lacking, and that whole process can bring us down. We might zero in on the deficiencies, the mistakes, the inability to acquire this or that, the way we procrastinate or fail to meet a certain goal, and so on and so on. It can become quite overwhelming and we start stressing over tiny details that don’t warrant such attention or energy. We should turn the focus outward to simple and bigger things like being alive, being thankful for the day, and appreciating the every day conveniences that we take for granted.

Of course I’m not advocating that we totally quit whatever we’re doing or stop thinking about the important things that can improve our lives and that of others. It’s more like being fair with ourselves about the effort we’ve put in and giving ourselves a break when we fall short. It’s so easy to deride ourselves, especially if there’s someone we know who is adding to that already long list of critiques and deficiencies. After we’ve done everything we can, it’s okay to let it be and move on. It’s okay to give up on having to control everything.

I know it’s a cliché but sometimes it really helps to stop and smell the roses. I was driving to work this morning and it was particularly windy here in Boston. However, the wind felt great and the air was a cool 70 degrees. The leaves fluttered everywhere and splashed their reds, yellows, and oranges on my car, the roads, and houses. I was totally enthralled by the trees swaying, the sound of the fierce wind, and leaves moving. And you know what? It felt great. I was thankful to witness such a simple act of nature. Instead of getting lost in our worries, we should get lost in the beauty we tend to forget exists all around us. And hey, a raindrop even kissed my lips while I drove. It felt like I got a love letter from God. 🙂

How about you? How do you stop stressing and let everything be? Love to hear your thoughts.

Stay amazing,


2 thoughts on “How I Stopped Stressing About Everything and Just Let It Be”

  1. Thanks Janna! If it weren’t for some occasional walks in the park, I think I’d go crazy. I’d like to discover more places to explore, however. I’ve been meaning to go to Vermont because I drove around there once and the scenery was so gorgeous that I didn’t want to leave. In the future, I’m pretty sure I want to live near a mountain range or the beach. And yes, it’s always cool to get a shot! 🙂


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