3 Tips on How to be Patient for Your Dreams

Happy Thursday folks!

Let’s dive in, shall we? In our post post-modern society, patience is dead. It’s all about immediate gratification thanks to the power and speed of technology. We tend to forget that some things, the best things anyway, take time to come to fruition. And yet, we go after avenues that give us quick results, but more pain and less happiness in the long run. We seem to be living a world of constant urgency. We must buy this now! We must get this now! We must have this now! Now, now, now! No wonder some of us are running around without taking the time to live and appreciate life or pursue dreams that require patience. Where to are we running?

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Now, I’m not for sitting down and doing nothing while waiting for things to happen. We can never wait for things to happen, we must make things happen. However, it doesn’t hurt to be patient while we do so. Patience is seen as this long, grueling, and painful process, which is why we tend to forego it, give up easily, and try something or be with people who satisfy our desires and needs right away. The problem with the quick and easy is that we get bored a lot faster and start piling up experiences and relationships that waste our time and direct our energies away from the experiences and relationships that truly matter.

So, to all of us out there working on long-term, daunting projects that help fulfill our dreams, here are 3 tips to keep going. They all have to do with mindset because the mind is where you have to start to get the real action going, not the other way around.

1.    Daily go over your vision for your ideal life.

In other words, pump yourself up for the future you want to achieve and see become reality. It’s so easy for us to lose ourselves in the process of dream work that the reasons behind it all turns fuzzy and we stop or take long breaks that turn into permanent breaks. Although important, breaks can become gateways to project abandonment.

However, if you take a few minutes before you start the day or before you sleep to review what you are living for and why, it can provide the internal motivation and inspiration to stay the course, despite the hardships, pain, and struggle. Don’t underestimate the power of your lifelong vision to shine bright the dark, gloomy corners of your mind that yearn for immediate gratification. Each small victory to overcome feelings of exhaustion and impatience will come together to become the ultimate victory: achieving the vision for your ideal life and more.

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 2.    Groom confidence in your dreams; they will happen.

Nothing kills perseverance and pushes you off the ship than the fear that your dreams cannot become reality. Reason steps in to shut down the party, family and friend’s discouraging talk chip away your hopes, calling them idealistic drivel, and you, yes you, listen to the voices in your head that say. “This is hard. It’s taking too long. It’s not worth it. I want this now. Do something easier. You can’t make it. It’s unrealistic. Come on. Be real. And blah blah blah.”

Just say no. Say no to fear, say no to the put-downs, say no to the mean voices in your head. JUST SAY NO. But, say yes to that crazy confidence that says, “I will make this happen. I will achieve this life. I can see it and I can be it.” Yes, it will be hard. Yes, you will fail. Yes, you will cry sometimes. Yes, you will have to row against the river. But that’s the best part of it all! The process.

When people listen to stories of people who accomplished great things, they don’t want to just hear the results.  They prefer hearing about the process, the points of greatest conflict and adversity and the obstacles that were overcome. That’s the inspiring part. It’s true what they say. You are writing the story of your life. So what kind of story do you want to write?

 3.  Learn to trust and let go.

As a Christian, I give all my dreams and desires to God, trusting that He is in control and will help bring me to where I need to go. This helps me not to stress over the results too much and panic over failures or setbacks. I release my desire to control everything, and I sidestep the personally undesirable routes that, however, offer more control over the process and provide clear outcomes. My faith is one the main reasons why I dare to dream big and pursue out of the world goals.


Take that jump into the cascading waterfalls. Trust that everything will work well, even if the past has told you otherwise. Let go of the need to control every single aspect of the process because it will prove overwhelming and discourage you, so you give up more quickly. Setbacks happen, but they aren’t permanent. Life is unfair, but that doesn’t mean you’re unequipped to make it into something beautiful. The system is rigged, but you can create your own system, build your own institution.

I hope my five cents proved useful. How about you? What are some mental ways that help you overcome impatience? I’d love to hear your thoughts. If you found this post helpful, please share it!

Stay amazing,


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