And here it all began


ImageWelcome to the first post of my new blog. I had a blog before but I decided to switch over here to see if I can take it to the next level. So what do I write about? Everything! Okay well not everything. Just the things close to my heart: inspiration, stories, visions for a better world, and enjoying the most of what life has to offer. I’m twenty-six, once lived in New York and Seoul, South Korea, so I don’t have much in my suitcase in terms of being interesting. I want to change that, of course. Life has so many things out there to enjoy and I don’t want my finances, real world logic, or other negative voices to keep me from having the best experiences. If you want every day inspiration, stories about a crazy bunch of people trying to make it in this harsh world, discussions on how the world could work instead of how it does, and occasional advice on how to be a better writer or dreamer, then this space in the web is for you. Hope you enjoy and that I don’t disappoint.

Stay Amazing,


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